Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wolf Parade

Ah yes the newly highly anticipated new album from the wondrous Wolf Parade has dropped from the music gods onto the interweb. Thank you gods. Anyway so far I fucking love it, if you are not familiar with Wolf Parade you need to make sure you weren't in a coma for 4 years. I also uploaded their best album Apologies To The Queen Mary for those of you new to the band. But the At Mount Zoomer - the title of their new album is pretty genius so far, early favorites Language City, California Dreamer, and The Grey Estates. Enjoy Mt. Zoomer

Apologies To The Queen Mary


Anonymous said...

This would have been one of my picks -- well not the new leaked album, I dont have those sorts of connections, but Apologies to Queen Mary, which is great


Anonymous said...

Hi! I really love your blog.
I was just wondering - do you have Justin Rutledge's album "Devil on a Bench in Stanley Park"? I've heard a few songs and they're really good, but can't find the whole thing. I'd be really grateful if you could upload!