Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Band - Northern Lights - Southern Cross

Released in 1975, this was the Band's comeback album after the commercial and musical shortcomings of Cahoots. This album includes the Band's classic tracks It Makes Not Difference (which includes one of the best chorus' ever recorded, in my opinion) and Ophelia. This album though is much different from the previous Band's music, NLSC seems to be a straight 70's album, which is exemplified by Robbie Robertson's (who was on his way out of the Band after this albums release) new guitar sounds (use of whammy bar, solos), and funky song "Ring Your Bell" really seems to date the music. None of this though makes this a disappointing record, just different, and different can be great. Enjoy this here.


Jason said...

Yes! Thanks for all this Band material, I sometimes need a reminder that The Band was so damn good. My brother in law just got The Last Waltz on Blu-Ray and the seeing them in high def play with all those other greats (Van Morrison=wow)is really something.

Lastwaltzer said...

Thank you so much for uploading this!

They do have one more record though as a quintet, ISLANDS. Have never herd it though.


Cialis said...

Excellent, I recommend this band to all people, for been from 70s it's a great band I still have the all collection of the cds, the big black ones.