Tuesday, May 27, 2008

French Kicks - Swimming

It took me a little while to remember to listen to this album, and I am very glad I did. The French Kicks will probably be forever tied to the current New York Pop Punk scene made famous by The Strokes. But, there is something much different about this band than it's peer groups, the drumming. The drumming was the first thing to strike me about this album, due to line-up changes in the band the drummer became the lead singer, and I suppose is what lead to the drums being the main sound you hear and notice. The sound of the drum is more prominent than any other sound even at times the vocals. A wise decision, I am a sucker for bands who let the drummer just fuck around the kit and create new beats instead of having them do the same beat every song (...ugh....strokes...ugh). However the French Kicks are not a band someone could hold as their favorite band, but its good upbeat rock/pop music that is a good switch from my usual stuff. Anyways notable songs include Abandon, New Man, and All Our Weekends. -Oh yea let me know if you think some of the sound from the first track Abandon sounds just like Boston's "More Than A Feeling" the one guitar to me sounds like a exact copy. Anways Enjoy as I did, here.

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