Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jeff Tweedy - Letters To Santa Volume 2

Here is his second show, enjoy.

Part 1
Part 2

Track Listing In Comments


Zak said...

1. Request By Kevin
2. Gun
3. Request By Amy
4. New Madrid
5. Request By Steve
6. ELT
7. Request By Susan
8. What Light
9. Set Break
10. Request By Kristen
11. I'm A Wheel
12. "Guitar Shapes"
13. Request By Mr. Scheyer
14. Passenger Side
15. Request By David
16. Family Gardner
17. Request By Anna
18. Magazine Called Sunset
19. Request By Doug
20. Forget The Flowers
21. Request By Morgan
22. Always In Love
23. Request By Chandler
24. Love And Mercy
25. Request By Chris C.
26. Can't Keep From Talking
27. Request By Adam
28. I Got You

bemydemon said...

Wow, these are really good. The recording is pristine and Jeff sounds great. Thanks, Zak!

swineca said...

perfect!!! thank you!!!

victorrvillar said...

Marvellous, but what is the cronology of this shows? thanks a lot

Jonye West said...

Hey man, great post, but I'm getting a different track listing from my zips.

El Manicero said...

thanks for these!!!