Friday, May 9, 2008

M. Ward Discography

One of my first posts on this blog was my collection of M. Ward music, I figured that I would re-post the links under mediafire (faster) and also add Duet For Guitars #2 which I didn't have before. Wards music is the text book definition of timeless, each song he has seems that it can be played in any time period and work, he also has a voice like a young Tom Waits (and who doesn't love that). He credits his voice with always playing music in his house, and in order for his parents not to yell he had to whisper hence the gravely voice. His voice and his expert and unique guitar playing makes for some of the best and original music I have ever heard. The perfect example I can find to sum up everything Ward can do is in his song "Vincent O'Brien" where you hear piano playing you'd expect from a speakeasy with the guitar noise you'd here at a Wilco or Sonic Youth concert. Enjoy, oh yea and please watch the video at the bottom and let M. Wards guitar expertise amaze you.

Duet For Guitars #2

End Of Amnesia


To Go Home

Transfiguration Of Vincent

Transistor Radio

She And Him - Volume 1

Ridiculous Video


Anonymous said...

this is so random but i'm downloading the basment tapes , you uploaded them last year or so and .. well thanks , my first bob dylan album i got from here too , i'm an addict now

Anonymous said...

eh it is me again just wanted to tell ya thanks again , this tim for the M. ward stuff , just finished listenning to -To go HOme - loved it .

Kara said...

Hey thanks for this. There were two albums up I didn't have. In exchange, you might enjoy this M.Ward demo tape a friend shared. It was all recored before his first album, & I think it's delightful.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this....afther seeing the the video post , i think you should listen to this guy

or at

2 amazing guitar moments

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the m ward... much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Oh geez you're great! and so is M Ward.

yr ex-lover. said...

this is just too lovely. thank you so much. i just saw she & him play on the 2nd & it made me want to see a whole set of m. ward. peace like a river <3

lisalisagogo said...

thanks so much <3