Monday, May 5, 2008

Wilco - Being There

I am surprised that I haven't already uploaded this album. Fantastic album, I would say this is tied with "Hollywood Town Hall" as the best Alt-Country album ever. Every song is brilliant and a great time piece, when I hear specific songs on the record (Hotel Arizona, Monday, etc.) I am transported to a desert with my friends having a blast. Other songs express deep anguish that all humans feel (Misunderstood, and Sunken Treasure). But of all the fantastic songs, I would say my favorite is "The Lonely 1", I really think this is one of the most honest, ironic, and simple songs about our childhood/teenage/adult musical heroes. The lyrics are below, try not to relate, its impossible. Other interesting facts about the album, are that each song was practiced, recorded, and mixed in one day, and Jeff Tweedy wanted to release a double album, but he was concerned that people wouldn't buy it for the standard 30$ double album price, so he convinced them to sell it at a single album price, and that Tweedy's royalty checks would cover the losses. Apparently since that time it's suggested he has lost "$600,000" on the deal, but remains satisfied. What a man, he is probably the truest form of a musician I have ever seen, heard, or non-personally known. Disc 1. Disc 2

"After the show you walked right past.
Arms reached out for your autograph.
And as you flashed your backstage pass.
I caught your eye with a camera's flash.
When the band came out they stood behind you.
Cymbals crashed, the lights went blue.
You stood alone in the halo's haze.
Shiny guitar hung on gold lamé.
And you, you were the lonely one.
You were the lonely one.
When you perform it's so intense.
When the critics pan I write in your defense.
I understand I'm just a fan, I'm just a fan.
When I get home I turn off the alarm.
I've checked the phone, no messages on.
I play the ones from yesterday.
I play your song just to hear you say that....
You, you're the lonely one.
You are the lonely one.
You, you're the lonely one.
You are the lonely one"


bemydemon said...

Wilco is my favorite band by a mile. Everything about them is authentic and pure. They're not perfect and that's part of what I love about them. The current lineup is the best, imo. See them live can thank me later. Oh, and awesome blog, Zak. Thanks for opening the doors.

Anonymous said...

is disc 1 the same as disc 2?

Zak said...

Yea, I love the currrent lineup as my favorite as well. I have seen wilco live about 6 times since their "A Ghost Is Born" tour, I do though wish I could have seen Wilco with Jay Bennett even though how crazy he was.

Lastwaltzer said...

Already have this classic, but your so right about The Lonely 1. Jeff has a knack for writing these kind of songs (Radio King, I Can't Keep From Talking).

I've seen these guys about 19 times since bonnaroo 2004. Every time has been great but the setlists had been getting stagnant until the recent residency.

Squeegee said...

Being There is a great album. I haven't listened to the studio album for awhile because I only have it on vinyl. I love all the demos and just saw them for the first time live and it was one of the best concerts I've ever seen.

Great blog!

Yerblues said...

One of my top ten album of the '90s. Fantastic share, mate. Tanx.