Monday, May 5, 2008

European adventure, new author.

As most of you know I have invited a great friend of mine to contribute to the site, his name is dusty and he has been the bringer of great music to me for awhile now. I cant wait to see some of his posts and writings. Also I am going to be taking a vacation in Europe around the middle of June, but will be back blogging in full force when I get back (probably middle of July). A friend and I will be traveling by train throughout Europe, we fly into Dublin then catch a flight to Stockholm and will be working our way down from there. If any of you experienced travelers or friendly Europeans want to let me know places to visit, or good bars please feel free to email me.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dude! have fun! Are you making it over to France at all? I lived there for a year and go back quite a bit so know some cool places in Paris and Lyon. p.s. I just passed your blog around work today. People are digging it.

Jody (When You Awake)