Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wise Blood - 2 Demo Tracks

Wise Blood contains one member, Karl Spaeth who is a friend of mine. He was a original member of the Cincinnati band "The Pomegranates" whose blogging and Spin Magazine (Band of the Day) praise have been primarily focused on the songs he wrote. Anyways he and the band have parted ways, and he is now on his own. Reborn under the name "Wise Blood" he has two really fucking good demos up on his myspace site. I was nervous at first wondering what it would sound like, but jesus I was impressed. The first song is titled "Driftwood", and is a haunting story of a piece of wood on a journey, sung with a deep voice and a great melody. The second is "I Had A Revelation And..." a sprawling song with a great bass line, drum track, and synth effects. Karl didnt ask me to post this, I dont even think he knows about this site, but they deserve more listens. I wouldn't post this unless I really believed and admired the tracks listen and enjoy. Here.

His myspace page, Here.

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Dusty Wilmes said...

I liked this too, it's worth a listen. The lo-fi recording, singing style and instrumentation reminded me a bit of Bishop Allen.