Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yann Tiersen - Goodbye Lenin Soundtrack

Yann Tiersen is a Czech composer who is famous for writing the music to the movie "Amelie" (2001). I'm always surprised at the number of people I meet who saw this movie and were immediately struck by its music and proceeded to get their hands on the soundtrack. "Goodbye Lenin" was made a couple of years later in 2003. This soundtrack is just as good, though a little different than Amelie's which, to me, was a bit more upbeat and had more Eastern European or Gypsy influence. The "Goodbye Lenin" soundtrack consists mostly of piano compositions which are beautiful and memorable. As a sidenote, the movie is also really remarkable, it is about the fall of the Berlin wall and the upheaval that East Germans had to go through during that period of time-- highly recommended. Get the soundtrack here


Naz said...

Actually Yann Tiersen is French, not Czech :)

Anonymous said...

Hey man, great blog!

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